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10 Feb. 2016
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2 Sep. 2015
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24 Jun. 2015
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17 May 2011
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Cell phone use in crowded places annoys a lot of people.

The microphones in most cell phones are so sophisticated that you can whisper into them and still be heard, except when you are in a loud ambience where you have to shout for the other person to hear you. So always keep in mind: Your side of the conversation can be heard when you talk on your cell phone in crowded public places such as restaurants, malls, public transportation, etc.

Covering the mouth while talking on the phone can help:

But this method is cumbersome because it requires the user to use both hands. For example, if she were carrying a bag, then she would have to let go of it before talking on the phone, which is inconvenient.

Introducing the best cell phone noise solution:

The Mumphone is a foldable, pocket-sized, wireless accessory that deadens the noise when a user is talking on his cell phone. This innovative accessory allows people to use their cell phones while in crowded places such as inside buses, trains, etc. and not annoy those in the vicinity. With more and more people using virtual assistant mobile apps such as Siri, Now, Cortana, etc., the increasing noise nuisance becomes an issue that is best solved by a Mumphone .

We are actively developing the Mumphone and will be launching it soon. Thank you.

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